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Sean Bacon is on the cutting edge of theatre-making practice in Australia. He is at the forefront in the use of visual media in theatre, and is Australia’s leading practitioner working with video in live performance over the last decade. Sean has worked across the spectrum of theatre from contemporary experimental performance, to the independent sector and mainstream companies. He represents the vanguard for a growing interest in the use of visual media in the performing arts. His distinguished career in the arts has enabled him to have a comprehensive understanding of audio- visual equipment and the use of multi media across a wide variety of platforms, including film, installation, public art, stage and web based applications.

Stage. Installation. Screen

Sean Bacon is currently operating at the pinnacle of Australian practice in his chosen art form, namely, the integration of live video in performance.

Theatre - Opera - Film - Orchestra


The Maids - Sydney Theatre Company - New York - Lincoln Centre Festival

Sydney Theatre Company production of The Maids, starring Cate Blanchett and Isabelle Huppert. This performance was mixed live for the entire duration of the show, giving the audience unique and intimate access to the two actresses on stage.

"Sean Bacon has designed and operates a live video feed, screened hugely above the stage, that peers into the actors' faces and movements from outside the walls, like paparazzi snaps but more luminous and revealing. " JOHN MCCALLUM THE AUSTRALIAN JUNE 09, 2013


Reflections on Gallipoli - Australian Chamber Orchestra

"Richard Tognetti, director Neil Armfield and deviser Nigel Jamieson have captured the essence of what soldier-poet Wilfred Owen described as “the pity of war, the pity war distilled”. Music, spoken word and images have been woven together in this thoughtfully conceived commemoration. Key to its success is its cosmopolitan outlook, which considers the Turkish experience of Gallipoli as well as the Anglo-Australian one, backed by Sean Bacon’s evocative video designs of contemporary World War I photographs."


Sean Bacon

An accomplished and driven professional, Sean has worked in the world of video production for the last 15 years, specialising in visual  media in theatre.

Photo by Heidrun Löhr

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